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The Dodge Viper GTS

So you decided you'd like to know more about me, didn't ya? Well to start off, I'm 24 years old now and as you can tell from the previous page, my name is Michael. I am an elementary teacher--yes, that means I graduated! As you can tell if you visited my car links page, I like cars. If you want to see some more information about cars go to my car stuff page. My old car was my pride and joy, but now I got a newer Cougar. (It's a 1994 and also burgandy in color, but its got more toys--leather, keyless entry, power seats, etc.) The '94's have a slightly revised exterior and interior. I also have a picture of one of my favorite cars in the whole-wide world, a beautiful Buick Reatta, another one is the Dodge Viper RT/10 and Dodge Viper GTS. (As if you couldn't tell, right?!) By the way, if you are interested in seeing more Viper pictures and lots of other car pics, click here. I also like things about the muppets (hence the e-mail address), weather, quotes, teacher stuff (of course), my friends, and just a bunch of other stuff. For that you can go to the miscelaneous page. The third place to go is to my page about homepages and e-mail. Most of all, if you have a question or you want to let me know what you think of my page, do so through my e-mail address on the front page.

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