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Educational Quotes-Page Two

"It is not the IQ but the I WILL that is most important in education."
"Some lectures talk in their sleep, but most talk in others sleep."
Evan Esar
"Evan a professor soon discovers how little he knows when a child begins asking questions."
"Education, to be successful, must not only inform but inspire."
T. Sharper Knowlson
"There is only one thing that costs more that an education today, the lack of it."
"Good teachers never teach anything. What they do is create the conditions uder which learning takes place."
S.I. Hayakawa
"What the good teacher has is not necessarily more knowledge that his student, but rather a superior competence to inquire and to be reflective."
Joseph Schwad
"The better part of every man's education is that which he gives himself."
J.R. Lowell

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